Based out of Two Rivers High School, STEMpunk strives to integrate the common goal of building a functioning robot with strong teamwork to advance students knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and have fun doing it!

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FIRST Robotics Team STEMpunk #4531!


There are still spots open for the ROV summer camps this summer. You read that right - UNDERWATER ROV - we are partnering with the Wisconsin Maritime Museum to put on this fun and interactive camp. Checkout this link for more information on the camp and how to signup

Recycling Drive Update

Thank you to everyone who stopped in and dropped off used/unwanted electronics! The event was a great success, with vehicles lined up to be unloaded throughout the morning. Thank you to the Two Rivers High School Octagon Club for organizing this event every spring!

Electronics Recycling Drive

Saturday May 13th, 9am - 1pm @ Two Rivers Community Center (J.E. Hamilton House)

STEMpunk is joining the TRHS Octagon Club again this spring to put on an electronics recycling drive. Bring in your used, broken and unwanted electronics.

Items accepted for free include: Computers, Printers, Ink Cartridges, Laptops, Microwaves adn most other items with a cord or that use a battery to operate (whether they currently work or not). Enter off 18th Street. Load up your car and we'll unload the items for you!

Items accepted for a fee include:
Televisions $15
Monitors $10
Freon Items $5 (refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners, etc...)

Items Not Accepted Include: Light Bulbs, Paints, Solvents and Medications

Seven Rivers Regional - Lacrosse WI

The team had a great time in Lacrosse! We finished the competition with a 6-4 record and ended in the top 20. Some highlights were earning a Pit Safety Award, Imagery Award, and our Business Captain being recognized as a Dean's List Finalist! In addition, several of our alumni took a hiatus from their college courses to volunteer for the event!

Pit Safety Award

Pit Safety

Imagery Award

The Imagery Award is presented in honor of Jack Kamen, Dean's Father, for his dedication to art and illustration and his devotion to FIRST. This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance.

Team Photo
Imagery Plaqui

Dean's List Finalist

The Dean's List Finalist award celebrates outstanding student leaders whose passion for and effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals is exemplary.


Alumni Volunteers

FIRST wouldn't be able to do what they do withough a team of dedicated volunteers. Thank you alumni for your continued time and support!

Alumni Volunteer

Wisconsin Regional 2017

The team had a great time at the Wisconsin Regional in Milwaukee! Our strategy of getting gears to the tower and climbing worked exactly as planned and the robot performed great! Checkout our YouTube channel for a few clips from the competition.

Open House

Friday February 16th, 6pm @ Two Rivers High School Library

Parents, Sponsors, Friends and Relatives - Stop in from 6 to 7pm and see our participants hard work! We will be giving tours of our workspace, the shop and showing off the robot we built!

Students - you are required to attend with a parent or guardian as we will have the medical paperwork to complete for travel, along with a notary to sign off on it.

Build Season Week 4

Electrical laying out their components on polycarbonate. The CAD group working on the solid models.
Installing the bumper mounts on the robot frame. Discussing and editing the Chairman's Award content.

$50 Million in Scholarships!

There are $50M in scholarships from over 200 providers available exclusively to FIRST Robotics students (yes that is "5" with seven zeros!) Checkout the available scholarships here. More are always being added - check back often. Apply, Apply, Apply!


Team Meeting Updates 2

Friday the 20th - 6pm to 9pm
Saturday the 21st - 8am to 5pm. Please attend as early as you can - we have a lot of catching up to do!

Team Meeting Updates

Mother nature is not cooperating this year - in the first 11 days of build season, 3 meetings were called off due to weather (more than the past 3 years combined!). Keep an eye on the team calendar for the most current meetings and events.

STEAMworks Game Unveiled!

2017 STEAMworks Kickoff

Our local kickoff is at Valders High School in the Cafetorium at 9am this Saturday the 7th! Can't wait to see what FIRST has in store for us this year! We are geared up and ready for the 6-weeks we have to design, prototype and build a working industrial robot!

2nd Annual New-Year's Robo Faire is this Saturday!

Looking for something to keep the kids busy this holiday? Saturday December 31st 10am -2pm @ Two Rivers Community Center. Admission is Free! (though we are accepting donations). We are partnering with Star Splitters 4H and Nano Mech Bees to bring a hands-on fair for students in elementary through middle school. There will be lot's of interactive activities including Wrestling Robots, Balloon Powered Cars and building a Newspaper Bridge! Tons of fun for all ages!

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye on our calendar - lots of events and meetings coming up, not to mention the season kickoff at Valders High School on Saturday January 7th! Here's a quick rundown of the next couple weeks.

Information & Skill Building Night

December 7th & 14th

We had great turnout and a lot of new members at our Information and Skill Building Night! Last week they built a kitbot and mounted the electronics. This week we did a mock kickoff - everyone watched a game video from a previous challenge, read through the rules and brainstormed a strategy for the robot. This prepared everyone so they had an idea of the process and what to expect at Kickoff on January 7th!

Lakeshore FIRST Lego League Tournament

Animal Allies

Held at Lakeshore Technical College Saturday November 12th and Sunday November 13th from 8am to 4pm

Each day we are hosting over 25 Lego League teams from around the region to compete with their Lego robots as well as demonstrate their ideas and solutions to animal and humans working together to solve problems.

2017 FRC Game Teaser

FIRST has an EPIC game planned for the 25th year of competitions!

ROV Summercamp 2016 Highlights

Final ROV Summercamp of 2016

ROV Camp

The future as an engineer is bright!

News article about FIRST and the Lakeshore FIRST Robotics presentation at EnergyBank in Manitowoc

Electronics Recycling Drive this Saturday!

5/21/16 Two Rivers Community Center from 9am to 1pm

STEMpunk is helping the Two Rivers High School Octagon Club with their annual electronics drive. We will be setup in the street in front of the Two Rivers Community Center, unloading your used, broken and unwanted electronics! We look forward to seeing you there!

Underwater ROV Summer Camp
Maritime Museum Logo

STEMpunk is proud to be partnering with the Wisconsin Maritime Museum to provide this summer STEM opportunity to Middle School Students

STEMpunk #4531 First Robotics Competition Team and the Wisconsin Maritime Museum are partnering to provide a 2-day summer camp for middle school students where they will:

View/Download the camp flier and application here

NextEra Family Day

Thank you to everyone who came to the NextEra Energy Center for their Family Day event! We had a great time working with our sister team Droid Rage #3381 and showing off all levels of the program. There were over 300 people going through our Lego League, Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition robots, some even had a chance to drive! The FLL Team "Bottle Savers" was here showing potential recruits how to program the Lego robots, giving everyone hands on experience. A special thanks to the Fox 11 Good Morning Wisconsin show for their broadcast on Monday featuring our teams!

STEMpunk member Erik handing out trees for Earth Day

Participant posing with the FTC "Drift Bot"



Students were croweded around the FIRST Lego League table the entire afternoon



FLL Team "Bottle Savers" showing attendees how to program the Lego NXT robots

The drifting bot was a popular item at the event!

Upcoming Events

Our competition season may be over, but the team has many plans and events over the upcoming months. Keep your eyes on the calendar for team meetings. If you have any personal projects or homework you are welcome to bring them. We are also working on better photo galleries for the website, stay tuned!

Wisconsin Regional Update 3

Everyone made it home safe and sound. Thank you to all of the parents and friends who travelled to Milwaukee to cheer us on! The team had a great time cheering, presenting and competing in the very tough field of veteran teams! We have a lot of exciting outreach and team building events planned, stay tuned!

Wisconsin Regional Update 2

STEMpunk was awarded the 2016 Wisconsin Regional Imagery Award. "In honor of Jack Kamen, Dean's father, for his dedication to art and illustration and his devotion to FIRST. This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance."
Imagery Award

Congratulations to Arrow Guetschow (Droid Rage #3381 mentor and founding mentor of STEMpunk) on being awarded the 2016 Wisconsin Regional Woody Flowers Award. "This award is presented to an outstanding Mentor in the robotics competition who best leads, inspires, teaches, and empowers their team using excellent communication skills." Congrats Arrow!

Wisconsin Regional Update 1

Despite blizzard warnings, the team made it to Milwaukee safe and sound! After mounting our ball shooter mechanism we are looking forward to competing in 10 matches over the next 2 days. Watch the live video feed on Wisconsin Regional website and At The







Blue 2

Win 49-40



Blue 2

Win 73-65



Blue 2




Blue 2




Red 1




Red 3




Blue 3



9:07 Sat

Red 1



10:44 Sat

Red 3



11:43 Sat

Red 1


Wisconsin Regional here we come!

The team spent the last couple weeks working on upgrades for the robot. In addition to our multiple autonomous modes (Cheval-de-freise, portcullis and low bar) and experienced drive team in teleop-mode, we will soon be able to shoot low goals! We are geared up and ready to compete in Milwaukee this weekend!

Lake Superior Regional - Duluth
Saturday Update

STEMpunk was graciously chosen to compete on the 6th seed alliance by Team #2538 The Plaid Pillagers and Team #2823 The Automatons. After defeating the 3rd seed alliance in the quarterfinals we went on to win our first match of the semifinal round versus the 2nd seed alliance. Unfortunately we didn't make it through to the finals match, but were excited none the less to be chosen to compete side by side with these 2 teams. Good luck in future competitions!

Keep an eye on the website for our Lake Superior Regional highlight video that is currently in the works!

Lake Superior Regional - Duluth
Friday Update

We are continuing to improve our strategy and gaining drive time and experience with the many game obstacles. We now have multiple different choices for our autonomous mode, either going under the lowbar, under the portcullis and driving up to an obstacle but not over it. We finished the day today dialing in the mode to traverse the cheval-de-freise which is exceptionally challenging. We have 2 matches tomorrow morning - check us out around 10:45am and 12:08pm on

Lake Superior Regional - Duluth
Thursday Update

We made it to Duluth safe and sound, were running for all of our practice matches and passed the robot inspection! We have a few minor upgrades to make to the robot for Qualification matches tomorrow. Watch our matches live-streamed at Our Match Schedule is:

Match Day Time
Q9 FRIDAY 3/4 9:59 am
Q14 FRIDAY 3/4 10:34 am
Q28 FRIDAY 3/4 1:18 pm
Q38 FRIDAY 3/4 2:31 pm
Q47 FRIDAY 3/4 3:34 pm
Q53 FRDAY 3/4I 4:19 pm
Q73 SATURDAY 3/5 10:48 am
Q84 SATURDAY 3/5 12:08 pm



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2017 Seven Rivers Regional Imagery Award Recipient
2017 Seven Rivers Regional Dean's List Finalist
2016 Wisconsin Regional Imagery Award Recipient
2016 Lake Superior Regional Semi-Finalist
2014 Wisconsin Regional Imagery Award Recepient
2014 Northern Lights Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
2013 Wisconsin Regional Highest Rookie Seed award winner
2013 Wisconsin Regional Rookie All-Star award recepient